Mountain Facts

Here are few facts about some mountains that I’m sure you didn’t know.Facts can be fun and at the same time Eye opening.

On Mount Everest for every 7 climbers who reach the top one dies trying

On K2 for every three climbers who make the top one dies while trying

On Annapurna for every two climbers who reach the top one will die trying to climb it. Annapurna was the first of the 8000 meter peaks to be climbed.

Everest was named after Sir George Everest, the 1857 surveyor general of Nepal. His last name is actually pronounced Eve- Rest

An Andes Peak called Chimborazo is the point furthest from the center of the earth. Measuring from sea level it is 20,720 feet tall. If we measured mountains from the center of the earth then Chimborazo would be more than 3,000 feet higher than Mount Everest.