Team Building

At Higher Ground we look at our team building program a little differently. In the past traditional team building programs have been used for “conflict resolution” whatever that is, and for “group team dynamics” another undefinable oxymoron. In other traditional programs it’s been demonstrated that we take someone out of their environment, scare them as much as possible and brow beat them till they perform and then we put them back behind their desks and expect them to perform like a star quarterback for the company.

Well, as a businessman I have never seen this fairy tail of a program work. So we take an approach that we believe does produce results. First we want people to know that they are a valuable part of the team they are on. that whatever role they play is important to the group they work in. Everyone has a role to play and for their team to function best then each person has to give what they have to give at their maximum capacity. Think of it this way, I would rather have a team of 10% people who give 100% than a group of 100% people who only give 10%.  We aim to help your group see that when each person who  gives their best then everyone accomplishes more and the potential rewards are greater.

Our team building program is designed to bring real life long term results. We can work with your Human resource department before your group comes in and  we will tailor the program  specific to your groups needs.  We are even able to work with organizational psychologists to help your group achieve the maximum out of the program

We do not have a “traditional team building” program at Higher Ground but then again we are not a traditional company. We  always are on the cutting edge what we do in our industry.