School and Youth Groups

Higher Ground Rock Climbing is a full time, full service facility and we take the work that we do with students very seriously. We have worked with schools doing ACTION group programs which are specialized Team Building programs that we start with freshmen in their classrooms, 10 students at a time. We set the group up with a Senior Mentor who works with them throughout the process and afterwards becomes a liaison between them and the upperclassman world.

Besides the ACTION program we do regular climbing sessions students. These are tremendous learning sessions for the students. by spending a couple hours with us the students learn to overcome fears and start seeing that they can do things that they never knew that they could do. You will see the students suddenly change before your eyes as they achieve climbs they didn’t believe possible. We do much more than sell a climbing experience. We sell true success, goal setting and goal achievement, We sell courage over fear. We sell pride in achievement. and we do all this in a controlled environment.  We do so much more than just tie a rope to a student. We strive to see the leave as different people.

Call us and lets together set up a program that will be tailored specifically for your students. Let us make a trip to Higher Ground a great part of the educational process. Call us anytime at 616-774-3100 or EMail us at