Is that a new website?

Things change and sometimes we don’t like the changes. As true as this statement is we still have to roll with the punches.

We first put up this website for the first time in December of 1995. The original site was put together by a 15 year old employee whad at the time (Nice kid, His name is Billy Suk) At the time he did the site in HTML. Billy held himself out as so many did at the time as a “Web Master”. Not long after Billy left Higher Ground for greener pastures. and we had a guy work on the site in exchange for free climbing. Usually this means we gave away free climbing and got very little in return. This guy worked in another version of HTML. Next another guy worked on the site and used the Microsoft Front Page. Soon we had a half site of Front page and a half site of HTML After this we had another “Web Master” work on our site in Dreamweaver (OK you can Ooo and Aaaa if you’d like) however nobody ever got rid of what someone else previously did to the site so ow we end up with 4 different types of website code (I don’t know if this is the right term, I am just using it so it sounds like i know what i am doing.)

Fast forward to 2002. I am sick and tired of people doing just little bit on the website so I give it over to a real “Web Master” or so his business card says and he works on the site only problem is after he takes care of the original work he charges me $100 an hour foany changes in the site and every change due to his blistering speed takes only an hour. Later we have our Internet Provider handle our site. They have advertised that they do websites, the strange thing is I am the first one to ever take them up on this and they have an employee assigned to work on it who is learning as she goes. She finds 8 different web designer codes holding our site together which she dumps and consolidates into one thing called “Dashboard”

So now we go to 2007. I buy a MacBook for the reason of their program called “iWeb”. I am so tired of problems with other people doing our site i am determined to take it over, start from scratch, and make the absolute best climbing site in the Country. I think I succeeded. Over the past few years every week i ave worked on the site either changing the NEWS or adding a Blog etc. I learned my way around iWeb pretty well and consider myself an advanced user of it.

A month ago my first MacBook starts having problems (Like not typing the letter r in some instances etc.) the keyboard is just showing it’s age. The computer has served me well but it’s time to move on to my new MacBook Pro.

So here is my dilemma. With my new computer i ask for another copy of iWeb. The sales folks give me the bad news “THEY STOPPED MAKING iWEB AND ARE NO LONGER SUPPORTING THE PROGRAM” I want to scream The only way I know of doing something on the web is through iWeb!!!

Now i am at an impasse. I just purchased a new program called “Rapidweaver” but i haven’t the slightest idea in the whole world as to how to use it I tried it once out of the box but it is nothing like i have ever used before. So I am asking you to bear with me as I learn this new program. I have a lot of work ahead of me trying to learn this and then transferring everything from this site to the new site. I hope to keep the same look or as close as possible so when he big changeover actually happens i am hoping that it doesn’t appear as if anything changed at all. So thats whats up right now with the site, In the next few months I am hoping we have a new site up and running In the meantime I will keep using this old one.

By The Way, if anyone knows Rapidweaver and wouldn’t mind sharing some of your knowledge with me I would be glad to pay for Starbucks or Bigbys. and also a free day pass. I am not looking for anyone to do the site for me as I want to be able to work the site 100%. Thanks for listening.