How Should Climbing Shoes Fit?

Climbing was tough before the advent of sticky rubber

I’ve worn shoes that would bring tears to the ryes of the toughest hone master.Then I have been put into shoes that Kareem Abdul Jubar would say are huge, How can you get something that fits.

In the first place you need to get accustomed to the word discomfort. Climbing shoes are made for climbing – NOT FOR WALKING! You see when you stand up you have two points of pressure0 The heel and the ball. when you climb 99% of the time you have jut one count when you climb.

Thnk about what kind of shoes you ned. If the shoes have an up turned toe when you stand it will push your hips our away from the the wall. This is great if you are doing a slabby climb.

If you have a shoe that is flat lasted when you step on an overhanging wall then you will stay parallel  This type of shoe is great for walls from 75 to 100 degrees

A Downturned shoe is great for overhanging walls, When you weight an overhanging wall then your hips naturally be brought into wall makng it easier for you to get on the nard boulder problems

This is the absolutely basics of shoes. over the next few blogs I will be looking at geting a better fit out of your shoes