My Start in Climbing

After his American Forks flash of Juggernaut  (5.12) at the ripe old age of 8 years old, Paulie exhibited a lot of talent as a climber. He had his first taste of Ice Climbing at age 10. When he took a trip to Montreal River Canada. Instead of doing the beginners struggle, Paulie walked up the walls with ease. Straight out of High School he did his first Trad lead of North Country Club Crack (a smooth 5.7 PG) on the Gems and Jewels wall in the Adirondacks though he hasn’t completed the finish yet (To finish properly you need to sneak into the country club and take a shower) we are sure that someday he will. Paulie has also been to other fantastic climbing areas including Red Rocks Nevada, Devils Lake Wisconsin, Red River Gorge Kentucky, and Horseshoe Canyon Ranch Arkansas to name a few.  Paulie has also climbed Illiniza Norte and Sur and attempted a route on Coto paxi (Stormed off) in South America.

Paul is a certified Rope Access Technician IRATA level 1 so he knows what he is doing up high. He is also an Eagle Scout which he attained at the age of 13 1/2. He also is a registered Merit Badge Counselor for Climbing merit badge and is a fantastic route setter. Setting new routes nearly everyday.

Paulie is a part owner and the General Manager of the Higher Ground and the Head Route Setter. His goal is for everyone to have at least one new route to work on everytime they come in to climb.

Paulie is certified by the Climbing Wall Association (CWA) as a Certified Climbing Wall Instructor (CWI)


  1. Juggernaut Roof 5.12c American Forks, Utah
  2. Orbital Mechanics V8 HCR, Arkansas
  3. Kung Fu V8 HCR Arkansas
  4. Body Karate V9